About Us

Hello, Shibam here, the founder of WPJetSpace, I started blogging back in 2015. And since then I have tried a lot of shared hosting providers to host my blogs. Different hosts performed differently. Some were excellent but costed a lot and some hosts were very cheap but the experience they gave was very bitter.

I noticed in my blogging journey that, majority of the bloggers who just started their journey on Blogger or the ones who wanted to start with self-hosted WordPress followed the big blogger influencers in the town and according to their recommendation they purchased the hosting packages offered by the “Big” hosting companies.

Little did they know, most of the web hosting companies who sponsor the most-read blogs and provides huge amount of commission for each sale are charging a lot from their customers to keep the wheel spinning.

Apart from that, they use a very clever marketing technique to grab new customers. They charge very less for the first month. But after the period is over and you go to renew your hosting plan, the price of renewal is five times expensive than what you paid at first.

At this point, many of the bloggers, who started getting some traffic, who don’t have the required technical knowledge of migrating their website to another host or who fear that they will loose the traffic if they migrate, keep on using the same host and continue paying hefty amount of money each time they renew their hosting plan. And I also was one of them. Not only that, they will try to cross-sell or up-sell to you so that they can squeeze more profit out of you.

Later, when I entered into the Web Hosting business, I got to know that, the actual price of hosting is not as expensive as the “Big” and “reputed” web hosts are charging. They are charging more because they are giving more than half of the price that you are paying to the person who gave them the sale. This way, they are encouraging more bloggers and influencers to promote their service. But, at the end of the day, you are the one, who is paying all the money.

And these companies start making even more profit by increasing the renewal price 5 times more than they initially charged you! And at this time you are bound to pay the hefty renewal charge to keep your websites running. You will feel like they are blackmailing you!

In 2020, keeping all these things in mind, I started WPJetSpace, the WordPress-centric web hosting solution, where all the things are fine-tuned for the blogging enthusiasts. Below are some of the key-points you should try our service for:

  1. Premium WordPress themes worth Rs 18,000+ for FREE to kickstart your blog.
  2. LOW Price but BETTER Service as we don’t pay hefty commissions to affiliates.
  3. The prices stay SAME at renewal.
  4. Our servers are optimized for WordPress CMS.
  5. LESS sites are hosted in same server to maintain best server-performance.
  6. We prioritized faster page-loading speed keeping SEO in mind.

We also offer 30 days money back guarantee and 24/7 customer care support for our customers. So, if you are thinking to start your blogging journey with us, don’t hesitate, go, get a plan for you and claim your FREE Premium Themes. Or if you already have your blog hosted somewhere else, contact us to get your site migrated to our hosting for absolutely FREE of cost!

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